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A Bit of Background

We started breeding 19 years ago and we have learned a lot along the way. Our goal is to breed such good pairings that with each breeding there would be so much quality that we would want to keep a puppy resulting from it. We look for a parents with a good brain, temperament and solid clearances. 
When we got married my husband had an amazing yellow lab with the best personality. However, he had many health issues. I said, "Man, this is heartbreaking. I wish we could have this personality in a healthy dog." That became our goal. Great dogs with awesome personalities that are healthy!


Our Dogs Are Our Family

We love to live life with our dogs. They go on vacation with us and have a full life. They sleep on our beds & go on runs with us. Sometimes they even go to church or the grocery store with us (of course, on these trips they have to stay in the car). Our type of vacationing is to tent camp in the mountains and hike to waterfalls. You'll see lots of pictures of them enjoying life at our social media pages!

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Our Standards

For breeding a future of healthier dogs & breed longevity

Clear Eyes

OFA Clear Elbows

OFA Good or Excellent Hips

CNM Clear

EIC & CNM Clear

Clear of Dilute Gene


No, we don't get paid from's just stuff we like!

These are just some items that we love and would recommend to our friends. We like these items because they make life easier. We have used them in our own life and know they work!

Recommendations: Hunting

Our dogs are bred for hunting and we love to go! We often get asked where we like to go, so we thought maybe a list might be helpful. Keep in mind that these experiences that we are sharing are times that we have gone and the experience might be different for you based on changes in the land, bird migration, bird populations, changes in legislature, or weather. We wish you all the luck on your hunting endeavors!

In Michigan...

Verona State Game Area

4017 East Caro Rd.

Cass City, Mi 48726

This area is a nice location that offers diverse landscape. More upland hunting available. Be aware that this area is often used for deer hunting as well. Out of this list, this is the most dry. More field like and suitable for upland birds.

Nayanquing Point State Wildlife Area

1570 Tower Beach Rd.

Pinconning, MI 48650

This is a flooded game area that we use. Large amounts of area to be able to spread out. Look at the website to see if a draw is needed (dependent upon time of the season). 

Shiawasse National Wildlife Refuge

6975 Mower Rd

Saginaw, MI 48601

We personally have NOT been here, but we've heard so many good things from folks with our dogs that it is on our list to go next season! From the reviews we've heard, it's all about the timing and there is a lottery system involved. Try it out and let us know what you think!

In Other States...

Platte, South Dakota

We pheasant hunted here in the early 2010s. We stayed in a motel-type place and hunted during the day. We just hunted public land and got a decent amount of birds.

Towner, North Dakota

Towner is close to the border of North and South Dakota. This area is mostly fields and small lakes. We asked permission from local residents to use land. We stayed in an AirBnB. We duck hunted here recently and got a lot of birds.

Woodworth, North Dakota 

This area is mostly fields and small lakes. We asked permission from local residents to use the land to hunt. We stayed in an AirBnB. We duck hunted here recently and got a lot of birds. 

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