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Gaffke's Ivan The Great

Sire: Gaffkes Grit Iron Grif
Dam: Gaffkes on the Mark Clark
Ivan is just one and has not gone through genetic testing yet. She has started working on duck hunting. Ivan is a solid and muscular female that took years and generations to get to. She's living up to our expectations.



Gaffke's Hurricane Layne

Sire: Gaffke's Fischer of Birds

Dame: Gaffkes Quaking Quinn

Layne has OFA excellent hips and good elbows. She is clear of EIC, CNM, and genetic eye diseases. Layne is a 60 lb sweetheart in the house and a wild woman after waterfowl when retrieving. 


Gaffke's Journey with Jude

Sire: Gaffkes Red Hot Coal Man
Dam: Gaffkes Pass the Ammo
Jude is our baby and has not undergone her health clearances yet.  Jude is a red dudley. Her pigment matches her deep red color.  She is 60lbs as of now.  Jude has a very level personality and loves to travel.






Gaffke's Grab My Waders

Sire: Rainmakers Working Class Payday MH
Dam: Rainmaker Brown Betty
OFA good hips and elbows
other DNA testing is still pending.  Wade is an excellent waterfowl dog. She is incredibly social with other people and dogs and is not a vocal female.



Kissingers Running with Faith

Sire: HRCH UH Brownwater Raising Cain MH, CGC
Dam: Gaffkes High Caliber
Faith has OFA excellent hips and good elbows. She is clear of EIC, CNM, and has clear eyes. Faith helps her family run a horse back riding business and loves showing everyone the trails. Faith is very social and well known. She has had one litter and we only plan one more breeding next fall with her. She is owned by Leslie Kissinger.


Gaffke's Clark on the Mark

Sirre: HRCH UH Adonai's Power thru Ezra MH CGC
Dam: Gaffkes High Caliber
Clark is OFA good. Clark had a hay wagon accident causing arthritis in her elbow. We have a doctors note from this incident and still guarantee her puppies 100 percent. This was not genetic but an accident, She is clear of EIC, CNM, and genetic eye disease. Clark loves to duck hunt. She is a great running partner to Emersen and loves to camp and travel with us.