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Read about success from our previous litters

Wrigley photo.jpg

I just want to again thank the Gaffke's for giving us the perfect dog. We just had to take Wrigley to the vet [normal checkup] and both the vet and vet technician said that he was such a well behaved, lovable dog. So thank you seriously for breeding such good natured, loveable, and beautiful dogs.

Chanda Kelley-Brown

Olson photo.jpg

The Olsons (Blue and Riley) will support you always and forever. We love our two Gaffke labs! Best breeder, best labs ever!

Melanie Olson

Siefert photo.jpg

Our sweet Darton (named after the Archery company). He hasn't hunted birds but can track down a deer then come back for some solid snuggle time!

Lahren Siefert

Barlow photo.jpg

Ellie made a wonderful retrieve on this beautiful drake wood duck this morning! Love this pup!

Bruce Barlow

Robertson photo.jpg

A good friend of mine got a Gaffke lab after he saw what an awesome dog Muddy is.

Dave Robertson

Cajun photo.jpg

Cajun, (Aaron X Kal) has certainly made our family complete! Our boys are the center of our lives!!!

Beth Schwiderson-Gay

Conway photo.jpg

Our Maggie has brought us so much joy. She loves to please and snuggle. Huge fan of fires, she snuggles as close as she can (Foster X Coleman 2022). Gaffkes make the cutest babies! We love these girls! Couldn't imagine our life without them! (Also owners of Marley, Grif X Baylee 2010)

Audra Conaway


I enjoy Moses's company more than most people. People say you only get one really good dog in a lifetime and I sure hope that's not true because this is the one. Moses excels in everything that I've ever asked of him, whether it's jumping through ice into freezing water or just listening to whatever I tell him, even though he probably doesn't know what I'm saying. Most people like hunting with their buddies, but honestly, if I could choose a hunt with ten of my best friends or a hunt with Moses and I, I'd choose the dog.

Dominic Wagner


Neveah is Heaven spelled backwards and the name couldn't be more fitting for her. I'm blessed to have her, she definitely is one of a kind.

Raeleen Backus

Muddy at Kevin's Farm[6461].jpeg

We spent some quality time at our hunting property a few weekends ago. Muddy is always such a hunter. He will point at anything. I love that about these bloodlines of ours. (Grif X Wren)

Shannon Abbott Henige

Maeder photo.jpg

Thank you Gaffkes for such awesome dogs. Annie (Ammo X Burton 2017) and Jaeger (Wren X Grif 2011)

Dave Maeder

Bartosek photo.jpg

So proud of our Sebastian (Reed X Eric 2015). After hundreds of hours training and retrieving practice, he joined us on a goose hunt where we actually found some geese!

Shelly Bartosek

Arnold pictue.jpg

Love our Gaffke dogs. Best dogs in the whole world! Blue (Kal X Aaron) Skye (Ammo X Aaron)

Tricia Arnold

Huebner photo.jpg

We love being apart of the Gaffke lab family. Mavis (Randall X Coleman)

Jimmy Hueber

Wrigley photo 2.jpg

This dog is so loyal. He never lets me out of his sites. He loves to cuddle. A complete momma's boy. Wrigley (Quinn X Fischer)

Chanda Kelley-Brown

Crosby image2.jpg

First hunt back and she never missed a stride. 3 for 3 on retrieves. Wish we were better shots, she had a lot left in the tank. Dixie

Brandon Crosby

Izzy photo.jpg

We are so blessed to have found you guys! Our family loves this sweet and crazy girl! Izzy (Ammo X Aaron)

Carly Evans

Stopyak photo.jpg

Sadie (Ammo X Aaron) We love her so very much.

Jodi Stopyak

Kirksey photo 2.jpg

Gunnar is so wonderful! (Ammo X Aaron)

Marcy Kirksey

Quinlan photo 1.jpg

Shay is nonstop happy and always wants to play! (Randall X Coleman)

Casey Quinlan

Widenmier photo.jpg

A Gaffke Gun Dogs is the perfect mix of hunting and family dog. While ours is still young, she shows the nose and drive needed to excel in upland game hunting. When the hunting vest comes off, she is eager to be part of the family-- exploring, playing and traveling with our busy family of 5.

Carrie Widenmier

Swanson photo.jpg

9 month old Cash (Layne X Coleman) had a successful first hunting season!

Julia Swanson

Majdecki photo.jpg

Darrel is still chipping away at the season. 9 months old and has the smarts of an older dog. So fun watching the wheels turn in his head.

Joe Majdecki

Muddy on the boat.jpeg

Mudroll, aka Muddy, is one of the most beautiful and regal looking chocolates I have seen come through Gaffke's Gun Dogs. Muddy was born 2-24-11 from Grif X Mae. I've never potty trained a dog so quickly before. It was literally TWO days. At nearly 12 years old now, no one can believe his age due to the very minimal graying he has. He is very often still puppy like. Muddy out-fielded our friends Brittany Spaniel at just 4 months old when he locked up on a grouse and our friend didn't believe there was anything there. If only you could have seen the look on his face when that grouse took flight. This dog will pint anything that breathes and you better believe there is something to investigate because I've never seen him be wrong. I dread the day that something happens to Muddy but I know that when we heal and are ready, we will no doubt have another Gaffke Lab, or maybe we'll just have two.

Shannon Abbott Henige

Muddy as a baby.jpeg

Muddy as a baby on the farm.

Tarrien photo.jpg

Copper is such an amazing dog. Thank you Gaffke's for such a great dog!

Carrie Goodwin Tarrien

Kelly photo 2.jpg

Sage is on a roll this year, 52 retrieves so far! This dog blows my mind for being 1.5 years old and training her myself. It's definitely in her blood!

Tom Kelly

Witherspoon family photo..jpg

3 Gaffke Labs enjoying Memorial Day up north!

Brianna Witherspoon

Kelly photo.jpg

The best dog we could've ever asked for

Dana Banning

Artemis photo 2.jpg

Our Artemis is THE BEST DOG EVER!!! Hands down the best lab (she's our 6th) we've ever had!

Kresta Mae

Maki photo.jpg

Sage is one of the best things we've done

Lindsay Maki

Weaver photo.jpg

Nitro (Randall X Coleman) He's been amazing. He loves retrieving in the water and in the yard. He loves his girl, our daughter Brianna

Shakira Sysak Weaver

Roxy photo.jpg

Thank you God for brining Roxy into this world and giving me an extraordinary blessing. Thank you Stacy and Michael for your diligence and love in serving our Lord to help bring these wonderful labs to bless others.

Denise Freer

Whelan photo.jpg

I love Katy! (Randal X Coleman)

Beth Whelan

Brandon Crosby photo.jpg

Dixie got her first goose! She realized real quick that they're a lot bigger than her goose bumper she has been retrieving. She was able to bring it back about 1/4 of the way. Pretty good for a 6 month old pup! Proud dad right here!

Brandon Crosby


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