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Gaffke's Fischer of Birds

Sire: 4XGMPR QAA HRK's Rooster Smasher of TGK MH

Dame: BPK's Rubys Red Gem

her sire:HRCH GMPR QAA Black Ice Super Sonic Scooter MH

OFA excellent hips, good elbows, EIC, CNM and eyes clear. Fischer runs about 70lbs.

Fischer is one of the smartest and most level headed males I have ever owned.  I have used him to socialize and train many dogs. He is the full package and his offspring have shown this.

Aaron Headshot.JPG


Gaffke's Running Errands

Sire: BDC WC SMx3 HRCH The Blast's Red Path MH "Journey" 

Dam Morning Reveille SH

OFA excellent hips, good elbows, clear eyes, clear of EIC and CNM.

Aaron is such a pleaser. He is as loyal as they come. He has done many things we never really taught him like run off leash and stay right next to your leg anywhere you go. He does the same thing when hiking and at the campsite. This dog does not need a leash. He is tender hearted and listens right away. He's so smart. Aaron is about 80 lbs.


Gaffke's Red Hot Coal Man

Sire: Gaffkes Running Errands.....check out Aarons background and its not surprising we kept a stud out of him that was red and carried chocolate.

Dame: Gaffkes Pass the Ammo... she comes from Rooster lines.

Coleman is a solid and muscular 75 lbs. He has OFA good hips and clear elbows. He is clear of EIC, CNM, eyes disease, and many other genetic tests. He is passing on his strong hunting traits to his offspring.






Gaffke's Bird Wrangler

Sire: Oldsquaw's Boston Blackie QAA
Dam: Gaffke's Don't Harp at Me
Wrangler is 75lbs. He has OFA excellent hips and good elbows. He has clear eyes. He is clear of EIC and CNM.
Wrangler loves other dogs and people. He loves to retrieve like no other whether its in the water or on land.