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Last Pick, Worst Pick?

Is the last pick puppy not a good pick?

When my mom told me I should write a blog about last pick puppies I was a little confused because my family members will all tell you that I would keep every single puppy we have ever bred. To me there never has been a last pick because I think all puppies should stay with me forever. When I was younger, I even took to hiding the puppies when they were supposed to leave. I have since grown out of this.

However, it does often happen that there is one puppy left and they are the “last pick”. I personally love the last puppy because it means they get to hang out with me, and I get a little buddy for a few days.

The truth to it is that the last pick puppy is just as great as the first one picked. We have lots of our own dogs that have been last pick puppies.

First up is Harper, aka Gaffke’s Don’t Harp at me. Harper was the last chocolate females out of her litter, and she was a go getter from the start. We had no intentions of keeping a puppy from her litter, but you can see how that played out. My dad was away, and my mom couldn’t get ahold of him. So, my mom decided that if Harper was left after the other people picked, then she was ours and just like that my dad came home to the news that we had a new addition to the Gaffke gang. Harper has phenomenal hunting drive, is full of energy and has had wonderful puppies (we even kept her daughter, Quinn).

Harper launching into the pond, this is how she has been since day one.

Next is Fischer aka Gaffke’s Fischer of Birds, this sweet boy has stolen my mom’s heart and is quite spoiled if I do say so myself. My dad went to breed one of our females, Reed, in Minnesota and the breeder there happened to have one yellow male left. After lots of debate my parents decided to get him. My dad had left with one dog and came back with two. Fischer’s a discount boy but really, he is priceless.

Lastly, is our newest addition, Decker, and we have yet to give her a registered name. She is as sweet as they come and is related to Fischer. I was at college, and I got a video from my mom of the Mackinac bridge, and I thought for sure it was an old video. I was quickly proven wrong when she informed me that she was driving to Wisconsin to get a dog. You may be wonder if I was shocked but my mom doing spontaneous things is nothing new. Decker was the last of her litter and my mom had been following her litter on Facebook but didn’t think it would possibly work for her to drive across the U.P. in January to get her. But against the odds, it all worked out and we now have out sweet yellow girl.

Decker and I, she sure is a sweet girl!

Overall, last pick really means nothing much and we love all of our dogs whether they were first, middle or last pick.

Thanks for reading!

About the author: I am a sophomore at Olivet College and am studying Media Production and Communications. I am currently discovering what direction I want to pursue in media and communications and play basketball at Olivet as well. I often miss my dogs when I am at college but make sure to visit home often and see my four-legged friends.

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